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 Commentary by Mark

1954 Ford FX

YES!! OH YEAH GIVE ME!! Jettson time, my next car. This is when things got VERY BAD!! looks like a odd customizer not  a corporate job! ok, first off WRONG YEAR! you have 58 this is the 1954 Ford FX atmos.. FX( Future eXperimental) ATMOSphere  "free and unlimited creative thinking" is a ford quote on this one.. had NO ENGINE! (not unusual.. back then they were even thinking the new power of the atom could be harnessed and put in a car) and since a prototype model no need for it, just a styling exercise. 

Those spears in the front "could" be used for control by radio and keep it from other cars.. FORGET PEDESTRIANS! 

The driver sat in the central seat and would steer (lets hope) with hand grips at elbow level. Two passengers on either side back somewhat.. and had a non functioning monitor screen. maybe TV , rear vision or radar? ... yeah like you need it in this jet fighter WATCH OUT! Chevy at 2 o'clock ...fate? most likely destroyed... just a styling exercise.. and reuse the material, ... still ugly too.... 

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