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In the early sixties the major auto manufactures decided it would be a good marketing idea to build "factory hot rods" later known as "muscle cars". No longer did you need to build them, you could just walk into the showrooms and buy one off the lot. The craze was born. 

What is a muscle car? Well just take a basic car line and stuff it with a big motor, add a floor shift, some oversize tires, heavier shock absorbers, some special trim and maybe some paint stripes. Instant hot rod. They sold very well, the race was on. The factories tried to outdo each other, still bigger motors, more horsepower, more, more.

In reality for the most part the cars did not handle well, steer well or stop well and could easily "get all out of shape". They were fast for the time, but did not have the refinements of a true race car, they were after all, just the family car with a huge motor. 

All this was before shoulder belts, anti-skid braking systems, and for the most part not even disc brakes were standard. Still, legends are made of this.

The insurance companies took note of all this, it seems these cars had more then their share of accidents, usually driven by males under the age of 30. To curb their negative cash flow the insurance companies started to impose huge insurance premiums on these cars. Insurance on these cars became increasing expensive and in some cases the insurance companies did not want to even insure these cars. 

Guess what? Sales started to go down, the car manufactures started to think twice. They "de-tuned" the motors to keep them under the insurance company "radar", they even lied about horsepower and came up with a different method to measure it in a attempt to fool people and continue to sell the cars. In the end nothing worked, the cars became more "show" then "go" and production ended thereby creating another period in automotive history and putting these cars into the much sought after collector field.


60s Muscle Cars

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