Fifties Car Gallery

In the 50's you needed a car that looked and sounded tough, a '55 BelAir Convertible with dual glass pack mufflers would be a good set-up. Or how about a semi-custom '50 Merc, chopped and lowered, lakes pipes, shaved door handles, French headlights, also a good machine. So slick back the DA, Put the top down, Tune in the top 40 DJ and take a ride in the 50's ICON of the American Dream!

Most of cars on this page sold for around $1,700 - $2,300 in the fifties. Value today would be $12,000 to $30,000 depending upon the model and condition.

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Mercury Gallery

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Plymouth Gallery

Do you still have your car from the 50's? Is it no longer running and just a heap in your back yard? Action donation can help with taking the old junker off of your hands. When you donate a used car for charity you may be eligible for a tax break. Check out our San Diego car donation service today and see how we can help you help local charities! You can also donate a boat, rv, or motorcycle!

Fifties cars can make a person look tough and so can a 50s outfit. Nothing more sexy than dressing up in a Marilyn Monroe Costume and riding in a 55 BelAir Convertible Or become an envy greaser in one of our mens costume outfit cruising down the highway

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