Men's Hair Styles In the Fifties


by Avis Yarbrough

Men's hairstyles were eclectic in the 1950ís, often inspired by movie stars like James Dean, Troy Donahue, and Elvis Presley. Although, the 1950ís are considered a very conservative time in American history, many menís hairstyles were anything but that. Here is a brief survey of menís hairstyles in the 1950ís.

Apache, was a hairstyle for men in the 1950ís that did not last long. The hair was cut close cropped on the sides, while the center was a shaved strip. The Apache is sometimes referred to as the reversed Mohawk.

The Flat top crewcut, another hairstyle for men in the 1950ís, resembles the Apache hair style a great deal. Yet, it is more in keeping with peopleís perception of that era. If looking at photographs of men in the 1950's with a flat top crewcut one immediately thinks of Arm Services posters.

The Ducktail, also called the DA, or duckís ass, was popular for young men in the 1950ís. The photographís of Elvis Presley, one often sees of him in his prime, with the sides of his hair slick back and the top cut in long, jagged edges is the quintessential Ducktail hair cut. 

The term Ducktail comes from the fact that the sides, once cut, are brushed back behind the head then flipped like a duckís tail.

Pompadour, another interesting hairstyle for men in the 1950ís. The hair is mounted high in the front, swept up high over the forehead, while the sides of the hair is flatten out.

Sideburns, which also was made famous by James Dean and Elvis Presley was another interesting thing that happened with men hairstyles in the 1950ís. Usually, sideburns were cut an inch from the ear.

Although, the 1960ís were known for its long, beautiful hair, it was the 1950ís that first gave men the chance to.. well you know, let down their hair, or cut it as they saw fit.

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