"Archibald wants a cracker" Jimís mother was sitting on the davenport, talking to her little green parrot. Jim and I looked at each other, and had the same thought, Archibald needs another name. When no one was around, Jim and I started calling Archibald "Fred".
When I went over to visit Jim, and knocked on the front door. Everyone in the house would start yelling, "Whereís Archibald" they had to know were Fred was, before opening the door.

Fred had two favorite perches, the upper right hand corner of the mirror in the living room, and the mirror in the bathroom. Fred would sit up there for hours bobbing his head, admiring him, but not saying a word.

Jimís mother brought home a 33 1/2 long playing record that would teach Fred to speak. During the day, when everyone was at work or school, and Fred was in his cage, he had to sit there for hours, listening to stupid little phases, that every good parrot should know.

About a week later, Jim gave me a call; he told me his mother was all upset. Fredís first words were "Fred wants a cracker". When questioned by his mother, about the name Fred, Jim told her "It must have been on the record" Jimís mother never played the record again.

Fred was talking up a storm, and growing up into a beautiful green bird, until the accident.

One day Jim came home from school and let Fred out of the cage then went to the bathroom. When Jim got done with his business in the bathroom, and opened the door, Fred was flattened in the door jam, then Fred suddenly fell to the floor dead. Jim called me in a panic. "What Iím I going to do, John?"

"Put Fred back in his cage, and come over to my house, let your mother find Fred."

After factÖÖI donít know if Jim ever told his mother the truth. I do know she never got another parrot.

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