An Awkward monument in Life

My whole outlook about girls changed, when I entered the 8th grade. A girl name Sue, came back to school after summer break, with a figure and bumps. WOW!

About a month later, I was walking down the hallway behind Sue and another girl, when I overheard Sue say "Iím going to the matinee at the Paramount on Saturday" I stepped forward, and told Sue "Iím going to that same movie on Saturday too" Sue smiled, then said "Iíll met you there" I was so excited.
My mother knew something was up, when I took a shower and put clean clothes on Saturday morning. I told nobody about meeting Sue. I took the city bus downtown, and met Sue in front of the theater; we both paid our own way.

We went into the theater and sat down, our arms were side by side on the armrest. I had been to this theater, many times before and had seen teenage boys with their arms around girls.

I sat there watching the movie, but I was trying to figure out the right way to get my arm around Sues shoulder. I just made up my mind to do it. Looking straight ahead, I raised my arm up, but when I bent my arm, my elbow bumped Sue, she did not say anything, and I got my arm around her shoulder.

After a couple of minutes, I glanced over at Sue; one of her bumps was on the front of her shoulder. What is that? It wasnít there before. I had no idea what to do or say.

After a couple more minutes, I pulled my arm back, then stood up and walked out into the lobby. I got a large Coke, and just walked around the lobby trying to figure out, what to do. After thirty minutes, I decided not to say anything. When I returned to my seat, I looked down at Sue, and everything was back in the right place. Phew

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