Backward Drag

Larry and I just came out from a house party, we had a few to many, and it was about 3:30 AM. We walked down the sidewalk from the house, and then we had to cross two planks across an open ditch. The city had dug an 8x6 ditch that ran two city blocks long. The ditch cut through everyone's driveway, so all the homeowners had to park on other side of the street.
I just pulled out, when Larry came up along side me

"Lets Drag"
O! Yea. Larry. I was sitting in my 48 Buick and Larry was in his 57 Chevy.
"Come on John"
"OK, lets do it in reverse" I said. I did not think Larry would go for it.
"Man, thatís nothing."
"Thatís all right Larry, if you want me to tell everyone at school, you refused to drag me". .
"Lets do it then, John!"

We sort of lined up our back bumpers; the Buick was so much longer.
Yell, when you are ready Larry.

We took off backwards, Larry was smoking his tires, and I couldnít in the Buick, so I jumped ahead of him. In a matter of seconds Larry caught up with me, and we were going down the street side by side. I could not tell how fast we were going, since I had my head turned looking out the back window. The rear end started whipping back and forth, a couple of times Larry and I came close to hitting each other.

Then it happened, I went into the ditch backwards. I was going fast enough, the rear bumper was hooked on the opposite bank, and my rear wheels were dangling over the open ditch. I opened the car door; I figured I could swing out on the door to the bank. Larry came running up to me.

"Are you all right, John?"

Before I could answer, the bank the rear bumper sitting on gave way. I shut the door, slowly the rear end slid into the ditch, as the bow of the Buick rose into the air, I felt as if I was the Captain on the Titanic. Once the Buick settled. I opened the car door and stepped out. Larry gave me a hand out of the ditch. I dare not call a tow truck, usually a police car came with the truck, and I could not afford the tow and a ticket.

Larry and I walked back up the street to the party, to see if we could get a couple of shovels. We dug the dirt away from the trunk and bumper, then a guy I did not know, offered the use of his pickup, to pull the Buick out. We hooked the chain to the front bumper of the Buick, and then to the rear bumper of the pickup, the rear tires of the pickup just spinned. About this time, Denny showed up, and started laughing. Then said, "When you guys are done fooling around, I will go and get my Uncles old 6x6 Army truck."

We hooked the chain to the truck; Denny put it into compound low and all wheel drive. Denny and the truck were facing down the street, so when he started pulling the Buick, it just sled along the ditch. The one side of the Buick was like a blade on a road grader, it was cutting the bank. Whoa! Denny.

Denny had moved the Buick about twenty feet down the ditch, where he stopped were a couple of cars, of guys at the party. We got them to move their cars, that way Denny could pull the Buick straight out of ditch. We shortened up the chain and Denny took off and the Buick came out of the ditch, and Denny ended up in someoneís front yard. I jumped into the Buick, Larry unhooked the chain from the truck and Buick and Denny and I took off down the street.

After factÖ On Monday after school, Larry and I jumped into Denny's car to go over and check out the damage to the ditch. There were all kinds of equipment and construction workers at the site. We did not stop, we just kept on going.

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