Banana Boat

The word was out about a street down by the "Todd ship yards". After the swing shift left, a perfect place for night drags. Harbor Island was located on the West Side of the Bay of Seattle, it was not an Island, but a man made peninsula.

Harbor Island was an industrial area, with huge warehouses, along the waterfront. There was a radio station amongst this industrial area, called "KJR" .at the time our only Rock and Roll station. KJR did not have much sound proofing in the announcer booth, while the drags were going on, you could hear the cars in the back round when the DJ spoke.

We thought it was neat, to have twenty to thirty cars with their windows down tuned to KJR, while the drags were going on. The Seattle police picked up the fact they could hear us over the radio every once in a while they would send five police cars down to Harbor Island to catch us. It was on one of those raids, that we found the Banana boat.

The four of us just got into Larry’s 47 Ford, from the KJR radio station, when the red lights came on down the street, were the drags were going on. Hot rods were going hundred different directions. Larry took off down a road on the water front, we could see police cars up head, cutting across the railroad tracks, to set up a road block for the cars behind us. That’s when Denny notice a huge gate open next to a warehouse.

"Pull in there Larry"

The gate was open only a couple of feet, Denny and I jump out of the car, and ran up to the open gate. The gate was twenty feet wide and it had steel wheels on the bottom. Denny and I push the gate open, and Larry drove in and around to the front of the warehouse. We closed the gate, and then we went running around to the front of the warehouse.

There was huge ship tied to the dock. Conveyer belts ran from the ship into the warehouse. We could see huge bundles of green Bananas left on the belts. Every once in a while one of us would walk around to the gate, to check and see if the police cars were still around. After waiting for about two hours, we figured it was cleared. The four of us walked up to one of the belts to check out the Bananas, the bundles were big, they must of weight about hundred pounds, it took two of us to carry a bundle back to Larry’s car. Larry opened his trunk and we threw the bundle in. It took four days for the Bananas to ripen. Every day at lunchtime at school, Larry would open his trunk, and there would be kids line up for free Bananas.

After fact…..We never went back for Bananas, but some other kids in school did.

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