A Cat in a Sack

There was a loud scream, then a thud that shook the whole house. Little Jim went running out of the apartment, down the stairs out the front door and picked up the evidence.

The four of us went in together and rented the upper apartment in an old two-story house. Our landlady owned a yellow cat, we hated that cat. When we went out in the mornings to our cars out back behind the house, there would be dirty paw prints all over our cars. Each of us at one time or another complained to the landlady, but to no avail

We had to stop that cat. More then once, at the dinner table, we had talked about killing it or kidnapping it and dropping it off in the county somewhere. But we were to soft hearted to do either. But we had to do something.

Little Jim was Biology major, one day after school he brought home his science project, and put it in the refrigerator. Yuk! It was a disemboweled yellow cat, in a plastic sack. It seems we were always moving the cat, to get to a bottle of Ketchup or a quart of milk. One night at the dinner table, Larry made the commit.

"That cat sure looks like the Landladies cat"

Little Jim spoke up right away.

"It's my science project!"

We agreed to wait till the end of the quarter.

When Little Jim ran down the stairs, he stepped over the landlady, and scooped his cat off the front step, then ran around back and put the cat in a sack in his car.

After fact…The landlady stopped putting her cat out at nights.

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