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Rewind with John - Images from the Past

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Rewind with John Photos
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No1 - 1945 - Seattle, Washington: A picture of my family and me taken in front of my sisters' apartment. I was 6 years old and wearing my snazzy new shirt.

No2 - 1946 - San Diego, Californa: Mary Lou age 3, This cute little cowgirl became my wife twenty years later.

No4 - 1948 - Seattle, Washington, High Point Project: Here I am at about 9 years of age with my first vehicle.

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No5 - 1948 Seattle, Washington, High Point Project: A picture of me with the rabbit ears TV. This is the living room in my story "Howdy and Me".

No6 - My Mother snapped this picture of Dad and my Mother's best friend Kitty and me at the Paradise lodge, Mt. Rainer, Washington.

No7 - 1952 - Seattle, Washington, High Point Project: My sisters claimed they could never take a picture of me without me making a face. It's true.

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No10 - 1962 Seattle, Washington, West Seattle: Home on leave fresh out of Boot Camp

No11 - 1963 - Camp Santa Barbara, South Korea: This is a picture of my partner Kim and me. He stood on the bumper of our Jeep so he could be taller then me.

No9 - 1960 Seattle Washington: My "Associated Student" ID picture, Olympic College.

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No2-2 - This is Larry in his '57 Chevy out in front of my house. This is a good shot of 45th street that was our personal drag strip. (I have a story coming called "You asked for it" about 45th street)

No3-2 - This '34 Ford pickup was out back of my house for a couple of years, never got around to working on it.

No8 - 1958 Seattle, Washington, West Seattle: First Suit, Christmas 1958

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No1-2 Me in my first Tux, had to be 1956 or 57. I sure had square shoulders

No4-2 This is the Renault I hated, I did put nerf bars on it.

No5-2 A Beach Party over on the Olympia Pennisula.

Some Words from the Author: John.

I grew up in Seattle, in an area called "West Seattle" there were four other boys my same age in the neighborhood. We became the best of friends and shared many experience and adventures as teenagers in the 50's. The stories I have written are part of those adventures we shared.

I'm 60 years old, four years ago, I got back into building hot rods. With the Summit racing catalog in hand, I ordered all the neat stuff for my engine; it was such a change from the days of scrounging around in wrecking yards. I joined a car club, and enjoy going on hamburger cruise and car shows.

Rewind the 50's, keep's the memories of a special time in American history alive, and a resource for a younger generation. Share your adventures of the 50's with us, submit your stories, history is made up of experiences of the people who lived it.

Big John
class of 59

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