Just Like Professionals

I just finished Sunday dinner with my parents, and I had just stepped out into the living room, when the phone rang.

"John! I need to talk to you"

"What's wrong Pat?"

"I will tell you when you get here."

I got out of my car and went walking up the stairs to the front door, when it opened and Pat stepped out with her coat on. "Lets go for a walk," I could tell by the tone of her voice she was upset.

I did not say a word to her as we walked down the block then cross the street into Lincoln Park. Once we got into the park, I asked.

"So tell me what's wrong Pat?"

"I'm so mad at my little brother"

"What did your brother do?"

We were sitting down at the dinner tonight, and I was talking to mother about a sweater I wanted, when my little brother says to dad. "Do you know what I saw last night?" my dad had to asked him "What did you see?"

"I saw Pat and John, "kissing just like professionals"

"My father and brother started laughing, my mother gave me a stern look, I was so embarrassed, I got up and left the table." I knew better then to laugh, but I thought it was funny too. We kept walking.

The night before, Pats parents went out to a movie, and Pat had to baby set her brother. I got off work that night, a little after nine. When I got to Pats house, she had already put her brother to bed. While Pat was popping "Pop corn" in the kitchen, I went down stairs, into the daylight basement, and started a fire in the fireplace. Pat and I sat on the davenport in front of the fireplace eating popcorn. In a very short time, we started making out. Sometime during this time, Pats little brother came down the stairs, and saw us.

When Pat and I got back to her house from our walk, we hung up our coats, and went walking out into the living room. When Pats dad saw us, he said. "The professionals" Pat turned and walked away, I just stood there, laughing with her father, then Pat's father and I went into the kitchen and had a cup of coffee and talked about cars. I left about an hour later.

After fact .... I have to say, I got the cold shoulder from Pat for the next couple days, but it was funny.

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