The Only Way to Fly

Bonnie and her mother were shopping in a large department store, in downtown Seattle, when a stranger walked up to them. He introduces himself, as a professional photographer, with a studio on 6th Ave.

Bonnie was only 16 at the time, and her mother was very leery, of this person that called himself of a photographer. What the photographer, wanted to do, was make up a picture portfolio of Bonnie.

Alaska airlines had a big "AD" campaign on TV, newspaper, and radio. In their "AD" they had a bird sitting on top of the plane, learning against the tail of the plane, drinking champagne, and the bird would say "The only way to fly."

Bonnie was a very stunning blonde, and was a "10" before we ever used numbers. She was one awesome chick, and the girl friend of one of my best friends, Larry.

"There's another one." We were going down 4 Th. AVE, in Larry's 56 Chev hardtop, and Bonnie was between us.

There was a huge billboard of Alaska airlines, showing a stewardess serving champagne to a passenger, the stewardess was Bonnie.

After Fact: In 1959, there were Alaska airlines billboards, with the picture of Bonnie though out the western states.


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