A Pearl Ring and a Black Orchid

After we started dating I would go up and see Pat or take her out every weekend for four months. I asked Pat if she would go steady with me, and she said yes. When you asked your girl friend to go steady, it was called "Pining her" Your girl friend would wear something of yours, that would tell others she was going steady.
A lot of girls wore their boyfriends Varsity jacket or sweater, but I did not think it looked good, a large jacket draped over a short girl. I went into a Jewelry store next to the florist shop were I worked, and purchased a Pearl ring.

During this time, a lot of parents would not allow their daughter to go steady. Pat just loved the ring, but she did not know how her parents would react to the fact we were going steady. Pat put the ring on a chain and wore it around her neck; she would tuck the ring under her sweater, until she got to school, then she would pull the ring out, and wear it on the outside.

One morning she was running late for school, and forgot to tuck the ring under her sweater, when she sat down at the breakfast table, her mother noticed the ring. Pat's mother was a schoolteacher and she knew what was up.

"Are you and John going steady?"

"Yes mother"

"I will need to talk to your father about this Pat"

"Ok, mother"

When Pat told me at school what happened at the breakfast table, my heart sank. Pat's parents never did say anything about it.

Pat got a white dress for our first prom. I was working at a florist shop, I ordered a black Orchid, they let me have it wholesale, but it still cost me $35.00, which was a little more then my weekly wage.

Pats mother could not believe I gave Pat a black Orchid, she must have had some idea what it cost. The day after the prom, I watched Pat press the Orchid in a book.

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