The Octopus

My three female cousins from a ranch in Eastern Washington came to visit for a week. I had the job of entertaining them during their stay. I had two part time jobs, I asked for the time off, and got it. Sharon was my age 17 and the other two cousins, Marvina was 14 and Carol was 13. On the first day, I took them out on the Puget Sound in my boat, they had a ball, it was the first time, any of them been on a boat. During the week we went to a couple of movies, and I took them swimming at Lake Washington.

Towards the end of the week, it was becoming hard for me, to come up with new things to do. We were coming back from downtown, and a day of shopping, when I noticed a Carnival was sitting up by the golf course.

"How about going to a carnival tonight?" They all said yes.

By the time I got the car parked, three blocks away, it was 8pm when we walked into the entrance of the carnival. First off, I order hot dogs, and cokes for everyone, I had two hot dogs. I threw $1.00 worth of baseballs, trying to win teddy bears for my cousins, no luck. Then we went over to stand, were you throw little rings, and try to get them around neck empty coke bottles, my cousins were doing good. I stepped over to a hot dog stand, and got two more hot dogs, and three cokes. We kept going from one game to another, slowly working our way towards the rides.

The Octopus, was the newest ride of the carnival, there was a long line. I was never big on rides; I would be doing well if I went on the Ferris wheel. But my cousins wanted to ride the octopus, so we got in line. I sent Marvina and Carol for cokes, while Sharon and I stood in line.

The Octopus was an eight-leg monster, with a cage at the end of each arm. The legs were bent in half, while it was stopped, so you were able to get into the cage, then when it started up, the legs would rise, extending outwards, meanwhile it is gaining speed, then it would tilt on its axis. As the arms went around in a circle, the little cage would spin on its axis. I had three more cokes, by the time; it was our turn to get into the cage.

We sat down on a bench, and an employee, put a bar across our lap, then locked it in place. I did not have a good feeling at this time, the bar was pushing into my belly. Then the monster started up; we made one loop, before the cage-started spinning, After the second loop and twenty spins, in the cage. I lost the contents of my stomach. The contents, was flung out into the shape of a large fan, and in a matter of seconds, I could hear the crowds below yelling. My eyes were closed, and I was bent over the bar, I could hear my cousin laughing, but for the next two minutes nothing matter to me, other then to get off and away from the Octopus.

"John! Open your eyes, it has stopped." Sharon was pushing on my shoulder.

"O! God, Iím sick." I said, through foam covered lips.

Sharon pulled my shoulder back, so the employee could unlock the bar and lift it up and away from us. Sharon was a big cowgirl, so she was able to lift me up to my feet, and with help from Marvina and Carol they were able to walk me away from the Octopus






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