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Rewind the Fifties Site Introduction

THE FIFTIES: A period of time between 1948 and 1964.... okay, the math does not work out, but the fifties are more a state of mind than an actual span of years.

THE FIFTIES: A time when men were men,
and women were women.

THE FIFTIES: A time when everyone knew who they were. A time when you went to school, graduated, (or dropped out) got a job, got married and had kids, in that order.

THE FIFTIES: A time before the Beatles, hippies, riots in the streets and Vietnam. A time when cars were works of art, and each model year was anxiously awaited.

THE FIFTIES: A time when the music and the cars were a Lifestyle.
A time when Drive-in's were either a movie or a fast food place.
A time before shopping malls and drive-by shootings.

Here you can put anything you want, Photos, thoughts, stories of the 40's, 50's, 60's. This page is for "Real People" It can be your first car, your old military photos, your buddies, whatever. If you need photos scanned I will do it for free. Email me and we can work out the details and I'll put it on this page.

These pages were created to capture some of the images, sounds, and feelings of the fifties. 
Small attempts are made for historical accuracy.

 This site is not harmful to Humans, Animals, Plants, Small Children or Cyber Surfers. 
No impact study was done as far as causing harm to the World Wide Web. Use at your own risk. 
These pages are for Educational and Entertainment purposes only.
If you read all this then "Praise The Lowered"

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