The Sexual Revolution

By Valencia Higuera
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The sexual revolution of the 1960's is an era unimaginable to many of today's young people. Granted, many teenagers and twenty-something adults engage in risky sexual acts and adopt a freethinking view towards sex.

However, the greater part of the population cannot, and will never fully comprehend the concept of sex and freedom. This perception was born in the sixties, and has transcended the way Americans view their bodies and their sexuality.

The sexual behavior of Americans changed within one decade. Before the 1960's American youths had somewhat of a protected view of sexuality. Prior to this decade, many journalist and psychologist wrote articles and commentary speaking of sexual freedom. These writing made outspoken claims such as 10% of the American population was gay, and that most Americans masturbated.

These taboo topics were rarely spoken among the masses. Most journalists during the late 1950's and early 1960's were encouraging sexual freedom. Older ones were less apt to embrace such a liberal view towards sexuality, however, the younger generation quickly jumped on the sexual revolution bandwagon.

Women began to take control of their sexuality and trade in long skirts for short mini's without pantyhose. Moreover, revealing necklines became the custom, and bras were discarded as a mark of independence.

Of course, the sexual revolution of the 1960's encompassed more than provocative clothing. Homosexuals who lived in secret came out of the closet, and casual sex was on the rise. It was typical to stumble upon two people having sex in a public place.

The sexual revolution of the 1960's gave the American population the free will to live their life without feeling ashamed.

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