Slang and Language – 60's

Author: LKB
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In today's society if you walk down the street you'll hear the modern slang that most are now used too; but if you traveled back to the 1960s you wouldn't understand a word they said. Just like all generations this decade had their own 'lingo' which we would think was completely ridiculous now.

Some of the best slang words, in my opinion, are ones such as 'suicide knob', I mean if you heard this today you would either laugh or be disgusted at the vulgar language being used; but in those innocent times of the 60's this phrase actually was describing a knob placed on the steering wheel, allowing the driver to have one hand free to put around his date.

One of the more unusual ones would have to be 'padiddle' which is actually a word which would have been 'called' by someone when they spotted a car with only one headlight. Once said, the caller could then receive a kiss from anyone of their choice. Now this is something you would never find in modern society, especially with today's youth who seem to be doing drugs, drinking alcohol and partying 24/7.

Though there are many differences in the language used; some of the slang must have caught on, as even the teenagers today know a few of the more well known words, which surprisingly originated from the great decade that was the 60's. The most common slang brought forward to this day include some of the 'surfer dude' terms such as 'righteous' and 'stoked'.

Though one thing I feel should be brought to attention is the word 'dude'. You see back in the good old 60's it was considered an insult; yes, that's right all you surfers out there, if you were a teenager in the 60's and considered yourself a dude, you would actually be describing yourself as a geek.

So as you can see, times have indeed changed; though even in such things as language and today's slang, the 60's had a big influence that will continue on for many years to come.

Teenager – 60's The 1960's was probably the most significant decade for young adults to this very day. It was the first time that these teenagers realized that they could be separate from their parents; and could have different lifestyles from their families.

This was most likely down to finally getting back to some kind of normality after the war; as rationing and effects were visible, and affected the working class for many years after the conflict had been resolved. This decade was also the birth of brand new technology; fashion, attitude and of course, music. The most influential music artists of the time were the Rolling Stones and the Beatles and these groups started the craze of 'teenage rebellion'. This craze played a key part in the 1960's. The rebellion was mainly focused around the new drug culture which had taken hold of this newly liberated group of young adults; and soon after came the contraceptive pill which led to a whole new level of freedom and leniency in relationships that no pervious generation had ever had access to.

The main change for teenagers in the 1960's was the new concept of 'freedom' and new social activities, never heard of before, becoming hugely popular such as clubbing; which even today still plays a large part in the party scene for all generations in modern society.

Overall this was a revolution in society; and without the actions of teenagers during the 1960's young adults today would have few of the freedoms and independence that we now take for granted.

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