The Who

by Erika Cox
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The Who were considered to be one of the original punk and hard rock bands alongside the Kinks, and one of the greatest rock and roll bands.

The group displayed the angst and energy of punk and hard rock bands and influenced future groups.

The group was seen, as noted in many of their songs, as the voice for their generation. A couple of songs "My Generation" and " Hope I die before I get old" were anthems for younger generation not only at the time when the Who were on the scene but for each young generation that followed.

The Who consisted of Roger Daltrey on vocals born March 1, 1944, Pete Townshend playing lead guitar born May 19, 1945, John Entwistle on bass born October 9, 1944, and Keith Moon on drums born August 23, 1947.

Not only did Pete Townshend play the guitar in a wild and frenzy manner but he also eventually wrote most of the songs for the band.

Each member brought their unique style and personality to the group. Roger Daltrey sang with youthful energy and passion, Keith Moon slammed on the drums, and is considered one of the greatest drummers in rock history.

John Entwistle was stoic in his demeanor and provided a sense of maturity to the younger, more energetic band members and to the presence of the band overall, and Pete Townshend played lead guitar with un abandoned energy and focus.

Through their individual personalities and style, the members created one of the most energetic, talented, and influential rock and roll bands in history.

The band is originally from England and formed in 1964 with all the members except Keith Moon, who would join later.

Their big break came in 1967 with their hit "Happy Jack", which made it into the Top 40 on the U.S. charts.

During the late 1960's psychedelic craze, the group had their biggest hit "I can see for miles", which went to the Top 10 on the charts.

One of their biggest and most talented accomplishments came in 1969 with their prolific rock opera double album "Tommy", which reached number four in the U.S. charts and number two in England.

The group performed most of the songs from this album at the Woodstock festival, which turned out to be a 24-song set that lasted more than two hours.

Throughout the 1970's the group continued to record and give energetic performances. Tragedy struck in 1978 when the group's drummer, Keith Moon, died from a drug overdose.

In the early 1980's the group toured together for the last time but also recorded a song that reached the Top 40 on the charts.

Although, the group publicly announced their breakup during this farewell tour, the members continued to work on separate projects and made several appearances together to receive awards and perform for special occasions. In June of 2002, member John Entwistle died of a heart attack.

The Who are considered to be one of the best and most influential rock bands in history. Their energy, youthfulness, and the fact that many of their songs became youth anthems, made them famous and the standard for future rock bands.

The Who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990.

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