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This email and photo from the "Blue Angel Cruisers" Car Club

My name is Ted Phelps SR -founder and president of the "blue angel cruisers" out of wind gap, Penn. Our club thanks you very much for keeping the 50s alive. You have a wonderful site here.

Thank you
The Prez

Ted's custom car

Thanks Ted ...... 04/24/99

email ....

Peg pants, Chinos, Cigarettes rolled under you tee shirt arm, Suede Shoes, Pasley shirts, collar up of course, Black motorcycle jacket, Canvass black & white high top sneakers. I wore my first pair forever . .. even to Church on Sunday. Crew Cuts.... I hated them ... but Dad went to the barber with me and my brothers so we all got crew cuts.

This is a great site and I want to thank you so much for the cruise down memory lane. The 1950s there will never be another time like it.

A time when respect had a meaning and values where taught not bought. Lets have some more ....ROCK& ROLL WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!!!

Thanks. . . . . 03/29/99

Random entry from the Guestbook

I like the music and photo of cars that you have. I was born in 1957 but grew up in central Illinois where Chevy was king of the the road and all the guys were rebuilding them. I have a friend who have about a dozen old cars he is still rebuilding, but bought in the 70's for only $25 each. During school days he had a 1950 Desoto with a Chevy engine in it which we went to games, A&W drive in,and take those country roads to the moon shine stills. Later he fix up his 55 Chevy BelAir sedan with a high performing engine, but the state police outlawed him from public streets. To this day it still sits in his garage. I on the other hand was good with tools at that time being the only boy in family and father had passed away in the USAF, learn to make models kits. To this day I still make car kits and figures of that great 50's age. The photos help me with the painting of the kits. I would like to see a section on fashion to help in my figures kits. And if you ever run across information on where I could get paint chips of 50's cars, I am looking for early 1950's for Chevy and Ford car and trucks.

Thanks 03/10/99

E-mail and a photo from Duane

Your site is amazing. I spent over an hour looking around this morning. I would like to see about getting my Cadillac on your site in the scrapbook or wherever.


Visit Duane's Site (website no longer exists)

Nice Color Duane - 03/21/99

Terrific email from Don ...

Hi Don, my name is also Don. I am from Flint Michigan (Born and Raised). I am straight out of the fiftys,and I can tell you how great it was to take a stroll through your site (talk about going home, (The 50s) again) "WOW". You have one of the best and more fun sites on the net,what a treat. I am number 7, in a family of 12 childern, all of whom grew up in the fiftys and early sixtys. Talk about fun times. We had our own baseball team, and we never wanted for someone to play with or something to do.

Some of the things that I remember the most are.....The way we spoke to our parents. Back then you addressed them as Sir and Mam, or Mother and Father,and you did not back talk them (Boy, are those days over with!)

And at Christmas time, you never heard anyone, "Ever" ask, What are you gonna get me, or how much did it cost. You waited for Christmas morning and you were thrilled to death that Santa came by and you were sooooooo greatfull for whatever you got. And being from a large family, it was usually hand me downs and we couldn't wait to get them.

There were no store bought Christmas Ornimates, every one in the family made something for the tree. We would string popcorn, the old pop top rings and we would save all the silver paper wraps from chewing gum, and make them into chains and use them in place of garland. Now this may sound corny, but I can promise you that back then, it made Christmas special and meaning full.

I remember that if and when you had a problem with someone, you stood toe to toe, and duked it out, and that was that, you didn't pull a gun and shot them.

We would go somewhere in the country and criuise the back roads and drink a few beers, shoot the bull and never hurt anyone, we did not look for someone to beat-up or a place to break into or something to steal. Heck, some of the worst things that we did to someone, was in a resturant maybe we would loosen the top on the salt shaker so it would fall off when used, or replace the salt with sugar or vise versa.

We could, (for the most part) go for a midnight stroll or say howdy to a neighbor without them being so scared that they would feel they needed to run in and lock the door.

We had so many cool places to hang out, here in Michigan, we had lots of drivins' and yes, we had one called the "Juke Box" and the "Varsity" and it was always filled with 57 Chevys, Fords and street rods. In Fact I live just three blocks from where they hold a car crusie, one saturday a month, and what a treat that is.

Well Don, I didn't mean to write a book but your site caused me to get carried away. I my self have been trying to get a personal site going and it is getting there, but being new to this stuff, I see I have a lot of work to do, but I am sending you a page that I put on called "The 50s in Review" CLICK HERE (website no longer exists) and if you would like to post it, it might just go real well on your site somewhere. So if you like, use it. OK, I will visit often and i will steer everyone I know, to your site.

Thanks again for the memories,...Don !

Thanks Don... this is great!... visit his Site, it's packed full of 50's, 60's Trivia (10/03/99)

Random entries from the Guestbook

Grad-1955 Elgin High school-Illinois.50,s greatest times. Fast cars, drive-ins, Coke & fries, white-bucks, bubble gum, and your girl didn't belong to everyone. Our bodies may have years, but our minds are always on the same fun time. Great site!!!

Thanks....... 01/29/2000

I thought your site was really wonderful! I'm only 21, but the '50s have always been a passion of mine! I have fantasized about crusin' around with a "greaser" in a '57 Chevy, and sipping a milkshake from the maltshop, and of course, wearing a poodle skirt and saddle shoes. Thank you for the look into an era I've always wanted to be a part of. But I won't give up the dream of living in a time that was more romantic, and just safer in general. Thanks again!

Thank You! ........... 11/16/1999

This email from J birdie...

You already have a pix of one of my cars on your page - its on page 9 of the scrapbook, I'm Jbirdie...I have a another street rod now and would like for you to put it up too, if you can. I wanted to ask before sending the pix...please let me know and i'll send you a cool pix of my pink 54 Chevy named Becky, waiting to hear from you...mahalo

I love Pink Cars so here ya go.....

Small block Chevy crate motor with headers, MSD ignition and Edelbrock manifold/carb. TH350 tranny, digital dash, lowered in front and raised in the rear, subframe from a Chevy Nova...oh yea, the colors are hot pink over strawberry cream. Becky is my daily driver and gets a lot of attention here on Maui where the Maui Classic Cruisers roam...Aloha


Thanks Jbirdie..... 03/12/2000

This email from Will ....

Don, Thanks for the offer to show my story. I just sent it from my other e mail addy. Yes you can link it back to my site for the other stories if you like...This story I sent you is on our family during ww11. I am going to attend a ww11 seminar in Springfield, Il. next week and will be telling ww11 stories along with a couple other Legion people... Let me know if I can do anything else. I have some military pic., and a story on the 'tin lizzie' Mod T car you can use also if you like. (websites no longer available)

Thank You, Will Tackaberry


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