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email from Katherine

I looked with great interest through your web site, and greatly enjoyed it. I especially liked the car pages, as I own a 1954 Chevy sedan and love it very much. I noticed that your pages don't include a 54 Chevy -- would you be interested in receiving a JPEG image of my beloved mobile? Just in the interests of completing your online collection. It's in great condition, so the picture wouldn't look out of place next to those other beauties.

Yours very sincerely,

This would make a great 50's Custom.... lower it.... chop the top... remove the trim... fill the holes.... add wide whitewalls..... lake pipes.... Dig it Kats
Thanks Katherine 09/09/98

email from Joe..... A younger Oldie...

Loved your site! Man I wish I was around for the 50's. I seems like it was way cooler back then, but as I'm only 14, it's difficult to imagine. I bet I'm one of the only 14 year olds to have their CD and LP collection comprised almost entirely of rockabilly like Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, and Carl Perkins. I could spend days listening to an Eddie Cochran Greatest Hits CD...Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie come dance with me... I'm probably also one of the few 14 year old guitar players to be infatuated with 1950's guitar playing, More people are impressed by me playing Johnny B. Goode than could ever be by Van Halen's Eruption! Most of my guitar gear is 50's reissue stuff too: 1952 Reissue Telecaster Guitar, 1959 Bassman Amp, mid 50's styled Brian Setzer model Gretsch 6120 Guitar. Nothing beats the old stuff!

Keep Rockin'!.... Joe

email from Susan 08/01/98

I grew up in the fifty's and wish my own children could have experienced the "golden years" as I had. I remember when the "in" outfit was a black jacket; black slacks with a buckle in the back, white popcorn socks, and white suede "buck shoes". I did chores around the house for over 4 months to earn enough money to buy that outfit, and I felt so proud when I was wearing it. Those were the good days! You have a great sight! Keep up the good work...

here's email from Glen

This a great site!! I was born in 1955, but have always loved the fifties. I have a restored 57 Chevy Belair cp, and I am currently redoing my basement (approx850 Sq.ft) into a 50's soda shop. I have the juke box, coke machine wooden phone booth, some booths, tables and chairs (with boomerang formica tops and metal trim) and I am collecting 50's memorabilia, like signs, and pictures as well as old magazine adds from that era. I am also going to eventually build a soda fountain counter. Any suggestions would be welcome!!!

......misc photos sent in by visitors...... thanks everyone...

email from someone who never told me his name....

hope this gets to you - not very good (yet) at this e-mail stuff, but it seems to be a neat (make that keen) thing; want to thank you for the clip art - i borrowed a few to use as icons (if i can figure out how to do that), and if i find any (i have every time & life & look magazine from the late '50's to mid '60's) that i think you might like, will try to get them to you - this is a neat web spot. if you ever happen to come across a white, 4- door 57 buick special, would appreciate finding out where i can download a few photos of same - my first car, and then i went to vietnam, and when i got back my dad had sold/drank it - i sure miss that car - will never be able to afford another, but when i can find a few pictures, that's enough to bring a smile on. thanks again. vaya con dios!

Here's email and photo from Glen.........

Don, I ran across a Hudson Pickup in the street today. Wow! What a truck they were, would you like a photo? I appreciate the eagle flying on such a wonderful site!

-- Visit "The Bullet Trap!" (link no longer works)
(my humble little home on the web)

"One Country, One Constitution, One Flag,
Liberty and Union, Now and Forever,
One and Inseparable."


Here's an email from Barbara......

just read ALL the stuff on your site. I'm doing some posters for a Fifties party and you have been very helpful! I grew up in suburban Detroit, graduated from high school in 1958. I usually think of myself as a sixties person, but reading your pages I realized that I am really a fifties person!

I remember the top of my closet stuffed with crinolines--the flouncy net slips that served to keep your circle skirt standing out. Does anyone remember washing them in "sugar water" in a vain attempt to keep them stiff? A new crinoline was required every three months or so--but the old ones weren't discarded, just added to the bulk of the new ones! I can remember wearing three crinolines at a time.

I have been trying to remember the name of a particular fashion, very popular (in Detroit at least). It was a very finely corded, crisp cotton material used to make Bermuda shorts, skirts, and pants. It came in various very light pastels. Anyone remember? And I also recall something called "ice-cream suits" but I don't remember what they were.

At my high school, kilts and knee socks were very popular, as were "slit" skirts (those were innocent times!), and pearl chokers with cashmere pullovers.

My Dad worked for Hudson Motor Car Company (and subsequently American Motors) and I felt hard done by that we had to own Hudsons. I don't think that Hudson ever got into fins. I envied all those Chevys and Dodges. After my father retired from Hudson, my mother got herself a 59 Lincoln convertible! Now that was a gorgeous car!


Thanks Barbara..... 06/07/98 from Dean, who had this to say.

Happy Cruisin'

Don, talk about "Back To The 50's", that was my era as a teenager in the 50's and cruising around at that time in a 1950 Ford. Which by the way I have one just like it today, same body style, color and all the 50's stuff. When the Wife and I go cruisin' or to car shows it brings back good memories. To bad the kids today don't realize you can have fun without drugs and guns,..... I'm not saying all are like that but you sure read a lot in the news about that kind of nonsense. Anyway its ones like you that are keeping the 50's alive and well. Keep it up.
Dean from Lima, Ohio

You're Welcome Dean......Many Thanks 06/16/98

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