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Here's email, photo's and a BIO from Terry
(that's right, the 57 Mercury guy)

Spent the whole day at the car show/museum. Got some great shots of cars, but didn't use the flash and some were inside and it was cloudy outside. Got some more retros, the Tucker and a lot of oldies, also had 13 Woodies there.

As for the bio: Raised and went to school in Muskegon Heights, Mich. graduating in 1963. Joined Marine Corps Reserves in Sr. year, went three years active duty after school. Traveled around Mich and Indiana for several years doing different jobs. Have been with the City of Ionia as Heavy Equipment Operator for the last 18 years.

Really dig the sounds from the 50' & 60's, old cars and car shows, and playing poker (nick name of The Big Bopper in the poker tournaments). Terry

Nice Tux Terry ...... where's the pink carnation? (Photo 1963)

Paris Island Boot Camp Graduation Day 1963

Entrance to Emperors Palace, Toyko, Japan 1964. Terry on the left and his brother Ken on the right
Either they were both in the service or Uncle Sam was their Travel Agent.... Gee ... All I got was Vietnam and a lousy green T-shirt !

Christmas, Atsugi, Japan 1964
Terry is on Santa's lap and they had permission to paint the Jeep Do those Marines know how to have fun or what?

Check this out .... this is a actual photo of Terry's actual locker door in Japan 1964.

No wonder I couldn't get any dates .... they were all waiting for Terry.

If you want to talk to Terry about Old Cars or his Paris Island Boot days his email is here.

Thanks for the Memories Terry 08/13/97

Here's an email from a dog

..... no not really..... I suspect he had some help. Well, I did say you could put anything here. His name is "Killer" and I won't mess around with a name like that. You can read his story at Paws R Us. (website no longer exists)

Hey Buddy..... the biscuits are on the counter, Toss some down here.

Thanks Killer 08/05/97

Another Guestbook entry from Chris ..... hey I get 'em where I find 'em.

Comments: Hi, I love your page!!!!!! You did a fantastic job!!! You can bet i will be back again! I was born in the mid 50's, so i was a little on the younger side, but i always have enjoyed that era. Keep up the wonderful work! I have book marked your page. My Music collection is full of fifty's stuff.

Thanks Chris 08/05/97

Hi Don;

I really enjoy your website and was hoping you could place a message in your scrapbook for me. I am one of the unfortunate individuals to have been born too late (not until 1972 to be precise) to experience the fifties as they were. This is why I am appealing to you for assistance. I have a '57 Ford Custom 300 2-door coupe and am restoring it to a mild '50s custom. I have already added blue dots, dummy appletons, angled antennas on the rear quarter panels, chrome 1/2 headlight covers, and since this picture was taken I've added wide white walls and painted the wheel rims red before I replaced the original Ford wheeldiscs (haven't found the '53 Olds wheeldiscs I want yet). Right now I am saving my money for a set of dummy lake pipes. I would like to hear from anyone who has any suggestions of anything else I have forgotten to add or what else I can do to make this car an authentic '50s custom. I am also looking for input on a new paint scheme for it. Even if you don't have any suggestions but have a cuising story from the fifties you would like to share I would love to hear it. Thank you in advance for any feedback you can offer.

Lee : Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I suggested a Chrome Tube grill and Dodge Lancer wheelcovers and paint the car in a dark orange or yellow. Okay let's hear from some others.... write to Lee and give him your thoughts..... I did. I also would like to see a photo when the car is done. So get busy and write Lee !

Thanks Lee 08/08/97

Here's a Guestbook entry from Dennis.

Comments: Boy does this site bring back memories. I just loved the cars i used to dream of, and the pinup that I also dreamed of. The music brought a tear to my eye. The drive-in shows well what a memory, had to get the owner to get me a jump start to leave, had windshield wipers on all nite, rain. Ha. Ha. Ha. Will there ever be a time like the 50's, not for me or you, maybe someone will think back years from now and remember the 90 or 2000's, but not us........ good luck good site, will have to come back to visit.

Thanks for the comments and the memory Dennis 08/05/97

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