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Here's email and a photo from Quinn who wrote;

Hey, 'Jest runned across a pic, It ain't nuthin' special, but it's from the 'era'. It was taken at the Daisy Queen (not Dairy Queen) in Larenburg S C in 1963. I was in the Army, stations at Ft Bragg N C. Larenburg was 25 miles or so south of Ft Bragg. The Daisy Queen was a drive-in where all th' local kids (girls) hung out. I met more than one 'love of my life' ther'. Th' dude in th' pic was a good friend and co-ower (with this redneck) of the '55 Century he's polishin'. His name was Charles Brashears from Monroe La. We bought th' car from a departin' GI for $300. I sold him my interest when I got out of service in '64. Man, was those th' good ol' days. Regards qhg

Thanks for the memories Quinn 07/15/97

Here's a couple of email's. It appears this site is a family affair.

My dad is sending you a picture of the 53 Victoria and this is me standing by it. It was 1960 and I was 10 years old. My mother wanted to say thank you for the cars you sent her and I just wanted you to know who is sending the pictures to you! They wanted you to have a picture of that car since you didn't have one. Paula.

Then this one arrived.

I am Paula's father. She sent me the 66 Mustang you sent her. Ours was turquoise. We also had a 1953 Victoria and we took a pics in 1960. I include them here. Thanks. Angelo

Thanks for the Memories Clare, Angelo and Paula. 07/09/97

Here's some email from across "The Big Pond"

Have taken a look, dug around a little, brings back memories. I was there, albeit on the other side of the Pond (Atlantic) in those days. The items which you have put into the pages were to us things of awe, like big Cadillac's, which we would only see in films or in London, and Indian and Harley's which at the end of the forties and early fifties we could still buy the ex-W.D. versions. As I remember, the price for an Indian was fifteen pounds, in those days I think the pound was worth about three dollars, ( going down!), - the heart bleeds!!! I will be back, I like the show and the nostalgia.

The Fifties - I was there, although I started towards there a little before you guys. I remember the Isetta, in the UK we also had the first of the Vespa and Lambretta "scooters" and the Messerschmidt tandem car. I seem to remember that the "in" dress for girls during that period involved flounced skirts bolstered with yards of nylon net underskirts. I went to a formal dance with my then fiancée, who was wearing one of the fashion skirts, and couldn't sit down all evening. Those were days of less hectic times! I will be back.

Thanks for the Comments Morrie 06/30/97

Here's email from Ron

I sure enjoy looking at all of your pictures! Your site is one of my favorites and today I happened to mention your fantastic collection of old cars to a recent acquaintance of mine, she asked me to request a picture of a 1955 Ford, hard top, no supporting post between the front window and the back window. She referred to it as being a "hard top convertible." This car had a black top, pink hood and trunk, with black sides! She told me that she just loved the way it sounded when one let off the gas going down a hill! So Don, if you do happen to come across a picture of that car, please let me know, as I told her that I'll print out the picture for her, in color of course. Thanks a lot Don, and I sure appreciate the work you are doing! Great job!

I didn't have one in Pink and Black, so I emailed a nice Aqua and White 55 Hardtop. Thanks for the comments Ron 06/26/97

Next up is Maria who resides at the same address I do. This is what she wrote:

I wanted to tell you how proud I am of the wonderful job you've done allowing us to relive the 50's. I was born 1950 in South America then known as British Guiana, now known as Guyana. Ages 7 to 20 I grew up in the small Island of Barbados in the Caribbean, and yes we were way behind when it came to Cars, Music, Movies and all the wonderful memories of the 50's. It took awhile before we got the benefits. However I do remember all the wonderfull Teen Idols and the Beach Party movies that came to our Island. We did not have T.V. back then. I'm sending Pictures of some memories taken between 1953-1956 in British Guiana, they include a birthday party, ballet recital and school play.

Well Maria, you can relive the 50's right here today.

Thanks for the memories Maria 06/11/97

Here's another email from Wally (buttbytr) He's still digging in boxes.
You remember Wally don't you?

Hi Don...
Just happened to stumble across something else from deep in the recesses an old box. A little calendar I remember getting in January of '59. Spent quite a few coins in that firewater establishment back in those years ;-( Hope you can use it.... Wally...

Thanks Wally 06/11/97

Here's an email from Martin .... who was too late for the Fifties .... but likes the Site.

I really like the music on your page. I'm more of a 60's kinda guy. I was a 70's teen, but just love the older music. I just wanted to let you know that It's a nice place to hang out, since the malt shop is closed.

Thanks Martin (06/11/97)

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