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Since this is my site I'll go first. (this gets better) I know you all want to see MY pictures. The two dogs are "Rosco" on the left and "Spot" on the right. (how original) Then there is my brother Ron on the left and my other brother Mark on the right, that leaves me (Don) in the middle. The big guy in back is our Father "Chester."
This gang from left to right is Mark, Ron and me.
This is the three of us and our Mother "Martha." The odd looking car is an "Isetta" made in Germany by BMW. (sort of the YUGO of the 50's.) That's me in the middle wearing glasses.
Isn't this a nice group of "Happy Campers ?"

Next is Susan who sent this memory from the Fifties.....

A photo of Susan
My goodness, "Pin-up Girls of the 50's" brought back a pleasant childhood memory... I grew up in the 50's. My Father appreciated a good looking woman and would refer to them as "hot tomata's." When "Snow White & the 7 Dwarves" was released he took me and my sister to see it. As the story goes, the line was quite long, we inched our way up,.and finally got to the box office. The girl selling tickets was very attractive. I made a remark loud enough for ALL to hear, " Hey Daddy THERE's a Hot Tomata!."

Yes, he was quite embarrassed and kids do say the darnest things! I heard that story for many years to come!

Susan claims to be a U.S. Postal worker who takes time off from cleaning her M-16 to work on her Website. She has many more stories from the 50's and lots of humor stuff. I've seen her site, it's great. I STRONGLY suggest you do the same and visit her site ... before it's too late ....... if you get my drift.

Thanks Susan 06/10/97

Next is Stan who sent me this email. Please visit his Website, Links are at the bottom.

Great site ! This is what I think of when I think of the 50's. The Golden Age of railroad travel was starting to end, as more people used cars etc. Attached is an ad for The Broadway Ltd of the Pennsylvania Railroad from 1959. STAN

"Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel, is a train coming the other way."

Thanks Stan. (June 1, 1997)

The following email is from Marilynn. She is also responsible for The 50's Idol page.

"My 25 year old son would say this site was way-cool. I, on the other hand, remembering the 50's (better than I remember what I'm supposed to do later today) think your site is Cooool! (which is the way we said it then, not the little clipped "Cul" the kids say now). Remember "Kookie, kookie, lend me your comb!" Remember pop-beads?? And chrome suites??? And those awful coffee tables with plastic flowers under glass!!!!! Never was a saddle-shoe fan, but penny-loafers were the thing (wore bobby-sox with them too). Putting this site on my favorites NOW! I'll be back...

I wasn't to sure what "chrome suites" were, so I asked, here's her answer.

"chrome suites were those table and chair sets that everybody had....... the table tops were streaky marble-wannabe arborvitae in gray or red or yellow or bluesy green. Sometimes they were solid color backgrounds with stars/snowflakes/sparkles in busy little gold or silver patterns. The chairs were big and ugly and plastic or oilcloth in a matching pattern and they farted air when you sat down in them. The table trim & legs (and chair legs) were chrome (or something done up to look like chrome); hence the name "Chrome Suites". Sometimes the table legs were curvy or S-shaped rather than straight. They weighed 80000 pounds and you couldn't get 'em through a doorway unless you has an advanced degree in three-dimensional geometry. Retro stores are retrieving them from dumps, restoring them and selling them at $200 a pop. My son recently rescued a table from somebody's back alley (in the garbage) and hauled it home, so now, of course, like a good little collector, I'm looking for chairs! And I still have my Kookie dictionary from a movie magazine (I think), which might be fun top read. But I'd have to fax it to you (IF I can find it), since I haven't figured out how to do attachments to e-mail yet!. Regards...Marilynn"

The Kookie dictionary never showed up. Here's her answer:

" Don, I LIED to you!! I can't find my Kookie Dictionary anywhere and I KNOW it's still in the family somewhere!! Younger sister (born in 51) probably has it, and she's in a different part of the country so it might be a while until I can lay hands on it!!!! She didn't even become a teenager until the mid-60's, so what she's doing with my Kookie dictionary, is anybody's guess, but I'll bet that's where it is. Meanwhile, in my rummaging, I turned up something BETTER!! I found my 50's movie star pix, chopped right out of 50's movie mags. They hung on my bedroom walls for years (to my mother's dismay ---- pinholes in the plaster!!!!!) and then I transferred them to a scrapbook, which I found yesterday!! Mostly teen-age heart-throbs (Ricky, Elvis, Fabian, Frankie, Pat Boone, Edd Kookie Byrnes, Tab Hunter, Sal Mineo, James Dean ......... but also some Sandra Dee, Annette, Tuesday Weld, Natalie wood etc.) Thought the cute teen-age hunks might offset the pin-up girls on your site???????? (Something for us old chicks too!) So have scanned an Elvis into my machine and am trying this "attachment" thing. If it flies and your machine can read it, let me know and I'll do more for you as the week progresses (Scanner is SLOOOOW and I have a bazillion other jobs to do, so can't send all at once) Here's hoping!! ........ Marilynn"

The scanner pic's made it, the result is the 50's Idol Page. I then asked for her BIO..... and why she had 40 year old posters.... I might have been pushing my luck a bit.

"I'm Marilynn (with 2 n's) and my hair is still red (and ALL mine!!), and at the moment I'm wearing it in a pony-tail (but I admit that I'm starting to look a little silly!) There's a lot more of me than there was in the fifties, but then I'm a lot smarter, too, so it all balances out. I'm hanging on to 40 year old movie mag pictures because I have trouble throwing things away: I'd have made a great junk dealer. Missed my calling. My house is filled with old stuff: Occupied Japan figurines, old glass, old records, old Paper Dolls and I feel absolutely obliged to rescue every orphaned old book I find at garage sales. I guess I'm just one of the original recyclers. I use it up. I wear it out. I just don't get around to throwing it away. I live in western Canada, where our fifties were a little different from yours (no Ike, no roller-skating car-hops, and no draft) , but we were aspiring to be just as cool as you were, so we adopted the music, the clothes, the mood and the spirit of the fifties."

Thanks for the memories and the Scans Marilynn. (May 27, 1997)

The following was sent in by Robert, ( Ace ). He remembers the 50's, here is some of his email to me:

"It was the time of HOT 55 FORDS, You could walk the streets without fear of being shot by a crazy pot head, go to the dance and make out with a cute chick, for one buck. You could cruise all day, gas was cheap then, go to the show for a dime, popcorn one little dime, candy, pop, one little nickel. The shows then were very good, not the crap they have now. Those were the great days. BRING THEM BACK FOREVER. BY THE WAY, THE BEST CAR IS THE 55-56 FORD, NOT 57.

The younger GENERATION needs know what it was like. We had a gang, it was not like the ones they have now. We would have a rumble and the next day BE FRIENDS . We would have NICKNAMES like SPEEDO, SLICK, DAGO, SLIM, HARDRIDER.

It is Sat night, the gang is all together, ready to go TO THE BUCK A CAR NIGHT at THE DRIVE -IN. We have blankets, lawn chairs, ready to see the movie and make out with the chicks. Pop, Popcorn, was 25 cents, Candy was 15 cents, so for $2.00 you were all set. You could also go the car hop Drive-in after the movie"

Robert (Ace) May 08, 1997

The following photo's were sent in by Wally Adams (also known as ButtBytr) He was kind enough to share some memories about the 50's with us. Wally is currently living in the Denver, Colorado area. Before having to take a disability retirement a couple of years ago, Wally spent over twenty years working in various radio stations ... as a DeeJay, Station Manager and General Flunky (his words, not mine)... and about 9 years with the Federal Gov't. Currently he is surfing the net and helping out on various Web Sites. He's also recently completely built his first site.

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