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this email from Helen.......

This is a picture of my husband, Bill Newman, on his motorcycle. The motorcycle was very old. He sold it to someone he knew for three hundred dollars, and they sold it for three thousand.

I think your web site is just great, and covers so many issues. It is fun to look back and reminisce. I often wish I could relive it all over again. I miss racing down Hawthorne blvd, with my little ford coupe, and going to all the drive-in's. Especially, "Sally's". We would all meet there and get in each others car and just visit and drink a coke, and eat french fries with gravy on them. I loved that for a while, until I discovered that that stuff makes you fat!!

And then the old songs, and the Rhodium Drive-in.

Things were less complicated then, and we had good clean fun.

I remember the guys that use to sit on the rail between class's and when I came out of my English class, I would have to walk in front of them. Boy, I use to hunch over and wear a coat on the hottest days.

I could go on and on, but I think we all basically faced the same experiences. In the years I was growing up, things were so much better. Just the other day I was talking to some young person who insisted that all these things that are happening today are just the same as when we were growing up. He claims that is just wasn't publicized as much, because of no TV. etc. I think not.

Yes, we did have some problems with dope, but if anyone did take drugs the whole school talked about it. And, yes, I walked through the three mile fields with wheat to get to school, as did my friends, none of us got attacked. It was such a nicer era. I could go on an on. But, I think I loved the days I would go down Hawthorne Blvd, and roar my twin pipes when we saw a good looking guy. I also really enjoyed the drive in's like Sally's in Inglewood, and Scrivners, and Pats. I sure wish we could go back to the "good ole days". I can dream, can't I?? I use to hear a song called, "Nature Boy", but no-one can remember it.

This is my husband, Bill Newman from Inglewood high. Graduated in 1950.

I remember the while walls and the moon hubcaps. His car was lowered, but not as much as some I seen in school. When I drove this car, though, I had to go up driveways sideways, as to not hit the muffler. We use to really love this car. Fun going to the beach.

This is a picture of me and Bill on our wedding day. 1953. We were married at St Joseph's church in Hawthorne. Since then the church has moved across the street, but is still there.

This is a picture of me and my husband, Bill Newman, on the way up to Crestline. We stopped by the highway, and asked a man who was near by to take this picture. We found the box cover to write on. Picture taken in 1953.

I am going to attempt to send you some of my mom's pictures in the "30's"

I went to Inglewood High School in the years of 1947-1950.

This should be a picture of my grandmother and grandfather. My mother's father and mother, John and Rosilda Belanger. They are French.

The last picture was of my mom, the little one on drivers side, sitting up.

This one is of my mother when she did modeling. I understand this was quite unusual in those days. Her name was Diana Belanger.

Anyway, I would at some time like to send you some old pictures of myself, unfortunately my sister burnt up all my boyfriends pictures, however, I do have pictures of my parents, which are very interesting.

This one is my grandmother and grandfather.

I don't know if these are the kind of pictures you want, but you can tell me if you do, and if you want anymore.

Oh yeah, I have a few of the old menu's that my boyfriends would get for me.

The question I wanted to ask you was if I could add my two daughters and me and my granddaughter to my page??

I had four children, and this one of Tiffany is the youngest girl. She is now 26.

This is Carolyn, they are just six years apart. I use to take modeling pictures a long time ago and these are some of them. Tiff went to Redondo High School, and Carolyn graduated from Aviation High School. They were both very popular and both cheer leaders

This is the last one. This is me and my granddaughter, Tatiana, from my son Curtis.

Thanks Helen .......(01/19/2003)

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