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this fabulous email memory from Sandy...

Hello, I was looking for some midi's from the "50's" when I stumbled across your site. I just love the photo's of the cars - and they really brought back memories - my "daddy" sure did love a classic car with style, and he sure did have some goodies. And I remember the A&W root beer stand we would go to every Friday night - as soon as Dad got home from work.

I was born August 20, 1953, and had an older sister "Joyce" who was born in 52, my brother was born in "54", and Judy the "baby" was born in "58".

We sure did have lots of fun - doing simple things - no computers! I remember Dad letting us stay up late on Saturday nights and watch Alfred Hitchcock, or even the Twilight Zone - Mom would be in the kitchen making a blackberry cobbler - from the blackberries that she canned herself. I remember the RC Cola and the Dr. Pepper - my favorite.

Mom made all of our clothes - with mine and Joyce's usually matching. I remember that we always wore dresses, and if it was too cold outside - we would wear a pair of corduroy pants underneath the dress. And I definitely remember those awful "Toni" home permanents she would have to give us. (I hated them - but never told her)

But I just had to submit this picture of my older sister Joyce, and me (Sandy - the one who is pouting) - and Joyce of course is the one with the pin curls in her hair - remember those!) Anyway - she just did something to me - and it seems as though in all the pictures of us when we were young - she was always doing something to me!

Wah! - Hey, revenge is sweet - don't cha think?

Here's another one where it looks like she just pinched me! (.......Mommie....... she's being mean to me again....)

(just look at the cute dresses Mom made us!)

Thanks for letting me show the world how my older sister treats me - ha ......just kiddin Joyce!

Thanks for the great site!!!!! I loved growing up in the fifties! Sure wish a lot (but not all are that bad) of the Kids today knew the meaning of the word - Respect.

Sincerely Sandy

thanks for sharing this with us Sandy ... and Joyce... here's your chance to get even.... send in your stories of Sandy .... 07/04/2000

this email in from Gary

Sending here as your Guest Book isn't working.

Must say your site brought back many memories.

I was born in December, 1943 so I lived in and loved this period in time. In fact have often said that I would give up the many luxuries of today to go back to simpler times when you could leave in the morning without locking your door and return later without even thinking about someone cleaning you out.

Here is a site with a picture of my '55 Olds. Pretty close to what I had when I was 18. Loved that car. Always regretted selling it, so this is a pretty close re-creation of it. not found)

Again, thanks for all the time and effort that went into this site. I know what it takes to do something like this. I am sure you have brought hours of pleasure and memories to lots of people. Will dig-out some old pictures later and send you something with a lot more meat to it.

Best regards.



1951 Ford Tudor sheriff's cruiser.
I've enjoyed browsing your "Rewind the Fifties" website, especially your automobile photos pages. As a member of the high school class of '62 (same class as American Graffiti), I consider myself stuck slam-in-the-middle of the '50s.

I own two 1950's antique cars. Actually one car, one truck. If you'd like to use them on your website, you may do so. I'll include a photo of each. Both cars are "authentic" 1950s, including flathead V-8s, 6-volt ignitions, etc.

The truck is a 1952 Ford F-1 Pickup.
They are "stock," and everything on both cars work (including all red lights and siren).

Thanks Jim... 01/07/2001

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