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this email from JoAnne ......

My name is JoAnne and I live in northwest Indiana. This is a 1955 Oldsmobile "Rocket 88". The car is completely all original and has 44,000 miles on it.

thanks JoAnne ..... added 03/25/2000

here's another from JoAnne .... 1955, topless!!! .... but she won't do that today ... or would she?

Hey many thanks, I told all of the members in our car club about the site. I am attaching another pic for you, it's kinda flashy but in the 50's era I am proud to say. It is a picture of me hanging out of the window of my Grandpa's 1951 Ford. And I am topless!!!!


this email from Debby ........

Personally I was a tad bit disappointed. I am not a child of the 50's but my parents are and they have some awesome photos. I was expecting some real 50's pics. Poodle skirts, bobby socks, bowling shirts , black leather jackets, duck tails and malt shops. What I got was a bunch of cars. I'll agree cars were an important part of the fifties but so were heavily made up gals with big hair in the coolest clothes. Guys were equally awesome with their rebel without a cause looks,( my dad and his buds were anyway). I'm sending you my most fav pic of my mom and dad. I think the looks on their faces express a less difficult time in life.

A time when it was cool to be kids. A time when hanging out was just meeting downtown with your friends and acting cool. I love listening to their memories. Times when it was ok for the gals to dance with the same sex without whispers, struggles of introducing new music, bootlegging alcohol, when a gal taking a drink of beer was taboo, getting pregnant and continuing to go to school was NOT heard of, mamma stayed home with the kiddo's, everybody ate in the lunchroom cause everybodies mom worked in the cafeteria at noon, watching T.V. was a treat (since they were few and far between) and your options did not have to involve a V chip.

Parents were parents. Mom stayed home and dad went to work, end of story. Man, if we could turn back time.

Debby - Mcalester Oklahoma.

thanks for the email and photo Debby ........ added 03/26/2000

this email from Marlene

My husband and I met in 1958 on roller skates, our Sunday evening entertainment. He had a 58 Chevy, kind of a turquiose blue and white. After skating for 2 years, we got married in June of 1960. In 1980, we bought a little old fashioned drive inn restaurant in our hometown, and I still run it. We are just

in the process of setting up a website at (site no longer exists

We have a dining room that will seat about 35 people, and we have 12 curb stops, where you can part, place your order with a carhop who comes to your car. Then she brings the food on a tray that hooks on your car window. Not too many of those around any more!!!

Our dining room is decorated wall-to-wall with Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Coca Cola, and other 50s stuff. What you see when you walk in is 2 well worn pair of roller skates hanging up!!!! We make a mean Monster Burger, and the best thickest smoothest malts and shakes you'd ever want - made from real hard old fashioned ice cream. Also chicken, shrimp, lots of different burgers and sandwiches, etc.

Come and see us. We are unique to this area, as most of those places are long gone. Check our menu on the site. Oh yes - my husband found a 58 Chevy about 13-14 years ago and restored it to look like the original - that's it on the left on the website opening page. He drives it in parades, etc. now -

added 06/09/2000

This email from Ian on 8/22/2000

Ok I can't take it anymore, this is a factory stock 1953 FP2-26 Fargo Pick up truck. It was the 36th truck off the line from Windsor Ontario. The total run was 253 long box one tons. It even has factory tires , Goodyear tube type 7.50 x 18"on six bolt split rims.

The box is 9 ft long it holds 67.1/2 ft of cargo. that's 4250 lbs of payload or 8000 lbs GVW it has 46 leaf springs and the hand crank still works in a pinch, but you best use the 6volt electric starter . The wheel base is 126 inches and the over all length is 18ft 3 inches. The motor is a T311 , 228cid,flat head six cylinder the hp is 89 gross 109 net at 3200 rpm with 4.89 to 1 rear end that does 48mph tops. I guess they just had more time back when.

The only non- stock item is the paint, they just don't make the lead base fire engine red now, but I can live with the international harvester tractor paint it is very close. This was a gift for my wife who wanted her 50's truck just the way it would have rolled into the farm yard 48 years ago.

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